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Legal Recruitment Sunderland

Sunderland has a large legal sector that needs filling. If you're in need of a legal job or you're looking for candidates in the legal sector, contact AC Jobs today.

We are Sunderland's number-one recruitment agency and we're to help job seekers and companies alike with legal recruitment. We have a range of legal job vacancies that are waiting to be filled so contact us today for your new staff or job.



Legal Jobs in Sunderland

There are many legal jobs available in Sunderland, and they're in need of your expertise. Whether you're looking at paralegal work or solicitor roles, we have the vacancies for you. Our dedicated team will work hard to find you the perfect job role that meets your criteria and matches your CV.

What's more, we have jobs with different types of contacts. If you would like to be on a full-term permanent contract, we have the job for you. Alternatively, if you would only like to work part-time or you're searching for a temporary job role, you can count on us to find the best job for you.

Looking for New Staff?

There are many legal jobs that need filling so your company might have a lot of vacancies. It's important that you get the staff that will complete your team and get the job done efficiently.  That's why you should contact AC Jobs. We have a pool of expert candidates who are eager to join your team.

If you're in need of a solicitor or a paralegal expert, we have the candidates for you. Our legal recruitment won't let you down because our candidates are keen to support your and your company.

Temporary Staffing

If you're in need of temporary staffing that will help ease the workload, we have the team for you. Our group of legal experts are seeking jobs on a short-term basis. It's important that your temporary staff are clued up on law and advice which is exactly the criteria that our temporary candidates meet.

 Permanent Staffing

We have candidates that desire to develop their careers with you. We can send over their CV and you can see if they're the perfect fit for your company.



Sunderland's Leading Recruitment Agency

We are Sunderland's leading recruitment agency because we care about the workforce in the Northeast. It's our goal to encourage and aid the commercial workforce in Sunderland, and we do so with our legal recruitment. Contact us today if you're interested.